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Making it to the end…

Posted in Uncategorized by Open Doors on February 18, 2012

“The creek is not very big.

It lies at the bottom of a small gentle slope that is covered with rocks of all sizes.  Once you get down the slope and get to the edge of the creek, it’s only one big jump to make it across.  In the wider spots you can step across on a few boulders if you have good enough balance.   Cade’s buddies were across it in 3.5 seconds. Like I said, it’s a small creek.

But for Cade it might as well be a ten mile gorge . . . A year and a half ago, Cade would be on the other side just as fast as his buddies.   But that was a long time ago. Moments like these serve as a difficult reminder for us.  A reminder of just how far Cade still has to go.   The amount of balance and coordination to get down that slope; to step from rock to rock in order to cross the creek; to climb up the other side; and then to be independent enough to be left alone with his pals to go explore the wood that lies on the other side . . . Not yet.   Not for a long time.

Cade doesn’t say anything about it. He doesn’t even seem sad. But I have to wonder if he thinks about it.   On this particular day the solution was obvious . . . We held his hand tightly and carefully began the journey.

Sometimes he stumbled.

Sometimes he didn’t.

Sometimes I carried him.

Sometimes I didn’t.

In the end, we made it. . . . And his buddies were waiting for him on the other side.

God is good all the time.” 

That was an extract from the Journal of Mike Spinello, a primary school teacher from California. A year and a half back, his 5-year-old little boy, Cade was diagnosed with tumor in his brain. The medical intervention left the little Cade partially paralyzed and with impaired vision and many other disabilities. But Mike and Erin, are parents of a different mettle. There was no question of giving up or sulking. They had one single mantra as the back bone of their daily journal – God is good all the time. I have been reading through their posts daily. There have been days when I was down and feeling not  so good, and my inbox would have another story of this little brave kid, pressing on with his daily tight routine of chemotherapy, physiotherapy, playtime with his baby sister, learning to talk and walk all over again…. And the little video clippings, that Mike attaches ever so often, would snap me out of the meaningless meanderings of my morbid mind. I would draw inspiration from this 5-yr-old and get back to learning at this age!! After all, God is good all the time

Sometimes we stumbled.

Sometimes we didn’t.

Sometimes He carried us.

Sometimes He didn’t.

In the end, we made it.

Mike and Erin Spinello, I have never met them, but the jottings in their journal about little Cade tells me that they are the kind of parents I would want my children to become. The kind that will make every uphill climb a fun experience for their little ones, and every little victory spectacular, and most importantly, walk the journey with their children personally. They draw their strength from their faith in a God who is their Father and so their mantra, God is good all the time.  Someday you guys are going to hear the words “Well Done!” from your Good God.Until then, keep up the good work, Mike and Erin…. you have a huge audience watching you as a family!!


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