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Our heartfelt gratitude to Open Doors for giving us an amazing time of introspection and self-exploration – by Arnesh Ghose

Posted in About Open Doors by Open Doors on November 17, 2010

Arnesh Ghose, General Secretary of St Andrew’s House(a Wilson College Hostel) gives his feedback on the workshop that he attended which was facilitated by Open Doors in July 2010.

Helping hands come out of the blue; maybe that is why they are so precious. Even though most teenagers and young adults create this confident and strapping perception about themselves, there are times when they tend to stutter, stumble and stagger. In these moments of confusion and indecisiveness, you need a helping hand, a patient ear, a comforting shoulder, an encouraging hug to get you back on your feet again.

There are many counselors these days. Student counseling is in fashion, with schools and colleges creating a separate job and swanky office for someone you are too scared to talk to, let alone share your most intimate problems. Friends are rare. St. Andrew’s House found two new friends during the Open Doors two-day workshop in Goregaon in the month of August. Our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs. Shobha Sreekumaran and Mr. Steven Kanga for giving all of us an amazing time of introspection, self-exploration and conversations.

People generally expect long, boring lectures during seminars and soft skills workshops, so did we. Quite to our surprise, the whole seminar was activity based, with interesting problems which put our principles and ideals to task. They made us question ourselves and beliefs we hold most dearly to our hearts. Thus, this rigorous introspection proved beneficial to most of us and we were able to understand ourselves better. The session helped most of us figure out our value systems, strengths and flaws, areas we need to focus on and most importantly, all that is good in each and every one us. Rarely, people appreciate each other these days and acknowledge the uniqueness that each and every individual is. The feeling is overwhelming.

A word of appreciation for Mrs. Shobha, who is a bomb of energy and enthusiasm and would put any young kid to shame. Her dedication and integrity towards her work shines through and makes her words even more credible. May she touch many many more lives and all our good wishes for her noble work.

Mr. Steven Kanga has proven to be an inspiration and life lesson for many of us. We look up to him today, with respect and fond appreciation for the person he is. Such honest and grounded individuals are rare today and his dynamic personality makes him an interesting person to have conversations with. His insightful inputs have proven to be very helpful and motivating.

St. Andrew’s House wishes Open Doors all the best in all their future projects and may they touch many more lives and bring about healthy changes in today’s youth.